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Laboratory of aerodynamics, design and construction of steel and concrete structures.


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Design Lab-Construction

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Design Lab-Construction is a company that for more than 20 years has specialized in different fields of civil engineering, in addition to mechanics and electronics such as the development of executive, architectural, virtual reality, turnkey, mechanical engineering projects. soils, geotechnics, urbanism. , assembly and conceptual design of metal and concrete structures, Artificial Engineering (AI) implement.

Its main service is the Works Audit with the aim of providing our clients with a detailed analysis, based on a control and supervision strategy to discover any anomaly and correct it.



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Construction audit

We have a work team with extensive ethical and technical training, capable of conducting an exhaustive analysis, based on a control and supervision strategy, to discover any anomaly and correct it, which translates into great savings for the client. All personnel in the design audit division have their personal NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

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Civil Engineering Studies

Studies of foundations, vulnerability and design by seismic capacity of structures, design of special structures, studies of structural behavior, failure mechanisms and structural failure simulations, structural dynamic analysis for earthquakes, wind, traffic, water, mechanical vibrations, explosions and vibrations produced by walking. , among others.

Soil, rock and geotechnical mechanics

At Desgin Construcciones we understand the changing nature of soils, that is why we have the team and trained personnel to determine the characteristics, indices and mechanics of soils, as well as provide the most viable solutions for your projects.

Project management, EPC, EPCM

We have a set of methods, processes, tools and architectures that allow us to deliver solutions in a structured and predictable way. The methods are organized in a "library" in which each book focuses on one type of work. Each project uses the methods that are relevant to it, in the same way that reference books are chosen from a section of a library.

Design and assembly of mining facilities

Design and calculation of vertical and inclined mining castles, as well as for hauling and boring works, crushing stations, bases for double or semi-double hoppers, foundations for light and extra heavy vibrating screens, foundations for hammers, foundations and structures for cranes travelers, among others.

Cost engineering

Given our experience in analysis and design, as well as in the execution of projects, it allows us to offer the service of preparing economic proposals according to the client's expectations and within the scope of the project from the pre-design, the development of the design and engineering, and during the execution and construction of the project.


Our construction division has executed a great diversity of works, among which it stands out.

Design lab-construction

Our clients

Design Lab-Construction

José Arreola

Founding Partner graduated from the Civil Engineering career of the Autonomous University of Coahuila and the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Laguna in the Architecture career, with various master's degrees and specialties.