Laboratory of aerodynamics, design and construction of steel and concrete structures.



Construction Audit

At Design Lab-Construction we have a work team with extensive ethical technical training, capable of carrying out an exhaustive analysis based on a control and supervision strategy, to discover any anomaly and correct it, which translates into great savings for the client. all the personnel of the Design Lab-Construction audit division have their personal DNA (Non Disciosure Agreement).

Business model

The real estate business model describes the purpose, business process, target market, offers, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, business practices, operational processes and policies, among others, that will be part of the value proposition that the project to be developed represents. .

Analysis, Evaluation, Audit and Engineering Expertise, Procurement and Construction of investment projects

Project managers are tasked with ensuring that all parties perform requested tasks, that a safe project plan is followed in accordance with laws and regulations. A construction audit ensures that project managers are doing their job correctly and is the last link in the chain of review.

Soil, rock and geotechnical mechanics

At DESIGN LAB-CONSTRUCTION we understand the changing nature of soils, which is why we have the equipment and trained personnel to determine the characteristics, indices and mechanics of soils, as well as provide the most viable solutions for your projects.


Other services

Multiphysics and multiphysics simulation by field computer and / or experimental laboratory

Physical simulation consists of structural stress analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with or without heat transfer or flotation and thermodynamics of any physical or fluid object such as air or water and mixtures using compressible or incompressible finite elements. To verify the computer simulation, real-time field or laboratory experiments with parts or fluids are required.

Civil Engineering Studies

  • Foundation studies such as differential settlements, stability, pressure bulbs, consolidation, etc.
  • Vulnerability studies and design by seismic capacity of structures.
  • Design of special structures such as tall or slender buildings, silos, tanks, chimneys, bridges, deep foundations, etc.

Laboratory of structures and wind tunnels

Calculation of pressure coefficients, wind loads on structures, resonant and dynamic responses, improved reliability and profitability in design, safety against aerodynamic instabilities, increased human comfort, deflection of buildings, acceleration on the top of buildings, calculation of moments in structure, study of the parameters of variation of dynamic properties such as natural frequency, mass and damping, measurement of instantaneous pressure, dispersion of gases and polluting particles, monitoring of the response to wind of already built structures, aerodynamic efficiency, foundations and structural dynamics, fatigue and load cycle evaluation.

Bridge engineering

Preparation of bridge designs with or without computer-aided simulation of reinforced, post-stressed and prestressed steel elements (double t-beams, i-beams, asshto, s tt beams, nebraska type, box), design and analysis of columns, trestles and abutments and foundations, experimental tests in the laboratory and in the field of bridge elements and their connections (obtaining natural frequencies, accelerations and displacements, strain gauges and / or stresses and von karman vorticity, gallop and other aeroelastic instabilities, in addition to stability analysis.



Our construction division has executed a wide variety of works, mainly highlighting the sectors:

  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial Metallurgical
  • Agroindustrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial mining

Applied Physics-Mathematics

Since its origin, mathematics has been the most abstract tool and in turn the most applied to satisfy the needs of the human being, which is why great mathematical geniuses have been in charge of developing increasingly sophisticated mathematical techniques that improve our well-being and quality. . of life.

Design and assembly of mining facilities

  • Design and calculation of vertical and inclined mining castles.
  • Design and calculation of facilities for hauling and shipping works.
  • Design and calculation of crushing stations, bases for double or semi-double hoppers, foundations for light and extra heavy vibrating screens, foundations for jaw breakers, foundations and structures for overhead cranes.
  • Design and calculation of cartridge stations, cartridge foundations, structures for support of feeding bands, feeding vaults.

Project management, EPC, EPCM

We have a set of methods, processes, tools and architectures that allow us to deliver solutions in a structured and predictable way. The methods are organized in a "library" in which each book focuses on one type of work. Each project uses the methods that are relevant to it, in the same way that reference books are chosen from a section of a library.

Civil, mechanical and electronic engineering projects and constructions

Design and / or construction of metal structures, trusses, rigid frames, variable section, intelligent beams, suspended structures and structures in integral tension, cable-stut systems, chimneys, vertical and horizontal tanks, composite elements (industrial warehouses and multilevel buildings), IMCA method (ASD design of allowable stress) and LRFD method (design by load factor and resistance).

Analysis, design and construction of tanks

Our experience allows us to guide our clients through their operation and storage needs, available space, as well as the load capacity of the land, and in this way to design tanks specifically for each of our clients.

Modeling, animation and virtual reality services

  • Legacy 3D data conversion:

We convert physical models into solid / surface models.

  • 2D to 3D:

We transform paper drawings, 2D AutoCAD files, hand sketches into 3D solid models using various engineering CAD platforms (Pro engineer, Inventor, AutoCAD 3D and Solidworks).


BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Data generation and management process of a building during its construction and its life cycle through the use of 3D and real-time dynamic modeling software. This process produces a 3D model of the building's geometry, spatial relationships, and component properties of the entire construction.

Cost engineering

Given our experience in analysis and design, as well as in the execution of projects, it allows us to offer the service of preparing economic proposals in accordance with the client's expectations and the scope of the project from the pre-design, design and engineering development, and during the execution and construction of the project.


Ready mixed concrete

Ready-mix concrete is a mixture of stone aggregates, Portland cement, water, and admixtures. It is designed as a 28-day compressive strength material. Complying with the NMX-C-155 standard "Hydraulic Concrete - Specifications" we guarantee the quality of the product. The properties and uniformity of ready-mixed concrete make it ideal for any type of construction element in general.

Precast and Prestressed

Not all concrete elements are manufactured on site. Some elements are melted, cured and stored in production factories. These elements are known as Prefabricated. The casting process is the same as in the field and the specifications of the precast elements are the same or similar to those used for the cast elements in the project, optimizing the production conditions allowing to shorten the execution times, lowering costs and reducing risks in deterioration. of the material.

Design, production and marketing of products and innovations. start up

  • Patent documentation
  • Production line
  • Logistics
  • Sketching from an idea
  • Prototyping (real to scale) in 3D printer
  • Product development
  • Packaging design

Market sectors

At Design Construcciones we have vast experience in different sectors, such as:

Aviation and transportation



Special structures


Cultural and Institutional

Sports sector