Laboratory of aerodynamics, design and construction of steel and concrete structures.


Design Lab-Construction

José Arreola

Educación y formación

Civil engineer
Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Autonomous University of Coahuila Torreón Unit

  • Architecture - Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Laguna.
  • Master's degree specialized in Structures at Universidad La Salle Laguna.
  • Specialized Master in Mechanical Design - Autónoma de Coahuila Torreón
  • One-year Diploma in Geotechnical Modeling at the Degli Study di Milano University in Italy.


Experimental structural analysis of the Gumex tank

Study and Analysis of the Carrizo II Bridge Superstructure

Expertise and Calculation Report for the reinforcement of roofs in the parking lot of the SAPSA Oriente building

Structural evaluation of the building of the Sanford institute campus Aguascalientes, Ags

More than 300 jobs as a consultant, engineer and builder

Optimization of excavation in the Puntacero project, Monterrey, Nuevo León

John Deere trolley extensive metric gauge analysis

Expert opinion and structural analysis with extensive metric gauges, mobile head station

Structural review of the historic building in Colima

Structural experience in the construction of the lead and zinc plants of Peñoles

College of Civil Engineers

  • President of the XXVº Board of Directors of the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de la Laguna, A.C. (CICLAC)
  • Member of the Mexican Federation of Civil Engineers. A.C. (FEMCIC)

Continuous training


  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Turbulent Flows for Fluid Mechanics
  • Dynamic design by wind according to the CFE civil engineering design manual.
  • Application of seismic design criteria in accordance with the CFE civil works manual and NTCDF standards.
  • Soil-structure interaction.
  • Application of seismic design criteria.
  • Electrical extensometry and residual stress.
  • Composite structure design.
  • Successful measurement of dynamic force, pressure and acceleration.
  • Simulation and experimental analysis of masonry of historic buildings.
  • Computational fluid dynamics and advanced turbulence.


  • Wind tunnels: aerodynamics and its experimental mechanics in the National Congress of Wind Engineering.


  • Design of Deep Foundations.
  • Design and construction of foundations for industrial machinery.
  • Advanced experimental mechanics (dynamic data acquisition systems, piezoelectric pressure sensors, underwater sensors and in non-metallic materials).
  • Computer analysis and design engineering.


  • Computational simulation of multiphysics using finite volumes.

Scientific articles

  • Fluid-structure interaction and aerolastic equilibrium in buildings with complex geometry, in the journal: “International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow”.
  • Design of a portable universal machine for diagonal compression tests in masonry walls of historic buildings, Mexican Society of Structural Engineering.

Professional development

Chronologically I started in the study, design and construction of concrete structures, according to the ACI method, such as slabs, pillars, beams, foundations, retaining walls, piles, pools, later I perpetuated the knowledge about metallic structures to carry out the design of works and construction of metal structures such as trusses, rigid variable section frames, smart beams, suspended structures and structures in integral tension, vertical and horizontal tanks, industrial dismantling, industrial and residential painting, construction and design of residential buildings.

Once I had acquired both the theoretical knowledge and the experience of its application, I decided to undertake a trip called Design, a company specialized in the development of Executive, Architectural, 3D Perspectives, Animations, Engineering and Drawing of Workshop Construction Plans and Assembly, Supervision. of Work, Topographic Surveys, Soil Mechanics, Remodeling, Expansions, Urban Design, Architecture, Conceptual Design in Metallic, Industrial, Concrete and Lattice Structures.
Diseño already has 15 years of experience in the construction and design industry, having developed more than 1,500 Construction, Industrial, Commercial and Housing projects to date. Since its foundation, Design has been conceived as a company capable of providing a specialized service in the execution of projects, analysis, design, structural calculation, laboratory tests for the simulation of prototypes of scale structures and their construction.
Today larger, more functional and complex buildings are required, so Design has been oriented towards the development of science and technology to turn it into a scientific company with the best technology in laboratory structural analysis, thus becoming a leading, innovative and avant-garde company. updated company in modern engineering laboratory and mathematical analysis in order to provide a comprehensive modern engineering service.
The design has its own wind tunnel and soil mechanics laboratory.

Software management

  • MATLAB (matrix programming)
  • ANSYS WORKING BENCH (Modeling physical phenomena with FEM)
  • SOLID WORKS (3D computer aided drawing)
  • CATIA (Bridge design)
  • SAP 15 (structural design)
  • CFX (fluid analysis)
  • AUTOCAD (computer-aided drawing)
  • LABVIEW (Monitor and acquirer of electrical signals)
  • STAADPRO (Structural Analysis and Design)
  • SAFE
  • MIDAS GTS NX (geotechnical analysis systems)
  • MIDAS CIVIL (Design and analysis of bridges)
  • OPUS (Cost engineering, scheduling and work control)
  • PROJECT (Project management and planning)
  • TEKLA (Design, detailed, exploded, manufacturing and assembly)
  • REVIT (Construction and design of buildings)
  • 3D MAX (3D modeling, animation and rendering)


  • Administration and evaluation of executive, architectural and electrical projects.
  • Civil engineering studies
  • Design of mining facilities
  • Bridge engineering
  • Soil mechanics and geotechnics
  • Wind tunnel analysis and structure laboratory
  • Experimental field and / or laboratory multiphysics
  • Cost engineering
  • Applied mathematics
  • Work supervision
  • Topographic surveys
  • Architecture and conceptual design
  • Real, spectral and complex analysis
  • Expert in experimental mechanics

Work philosophy

Provide quality professional services in the field of engineering stipulated in sustained growth as well as in innovation and inclusion of the variety of services offered.

Work commitment

Design and build scientifically and technologically supported structures that offer comprehensive engineering of optimal quality and control of the plan and development of the work in a way that ensures investment.